Get Fast, Convenient Two-Way Access to Your Account

GOCare provides two-way access to Alsat WIreless customer account information through SMS messages. Information accessible through GOCare includes Balance, Payment Due Date, Payment Confirmation and Account Changes.

This service is simple to use and available on any wireless phone. If you can open a text message, you can use GOCare. GOCare is a free service from Alsat Wireless. However, a customer’s mobile service provider may charge the mobile user to send/receive text messages depending on the terms of their mobile account.


Alsat Wireless GOCare Shortcodes

ALSAT: Text ALSAT to 90622 to initiate the Opt-In process through your mobile phone.  You will be asked for the Last Name and Last 4 Digits of Phone Number on the Account for Verification.

BAL: Text BAL to 90622 at any point during the month to receive a text message with your current balance due & the date it is due.

PAY: Text PAY to 90622 at any point during the month to receive a text message with your most recent payment posted to your account and when it was posted.

DUEDATE: Text DUEDATE to 90622 at any point during the month to receive a text message with the date your next payment is due (and the amount due).

APPTText APPT to 90622 to receive a text message with any scheduled appointments you might have.  You may then CONFIRM or CHANGE your appointment.

HELP: Text HELP to 90622 to receive a text with all available KEYWORDS to access your account information.

STOP: Text STOP to 90622 at any time during the month to stop receiving SMS account alerts to your mobile phone.

Consumer FAQ's

GOCare is a mobile account alert platform proactively delivering account information (statements, balance, due date, payment confirmation, appointment reminders, and more). Information can be initiated by either Alsat or the Customer with the use of “KEYWORDS”. More information can be found at our website at

GOCare is faster and easier than calling the call center or logging on the website.
GOCare allows you to make payment securely via your handset.

NO! Alsat will send customers 3 – 5 messages per month: (1) statement is available; (2)
balance amount & date due; (3) a payment confirmation (when payment is posted); and if
necessary (4) your payment is due (and/or past due). Messages may also be sent on
irregular events (outages or appointment confirmations) if applicable. Customers may
initiate any of these inquiries by using the KEYWORDS shown below.

NO! Alsat protects its customers and their account information and will never sell or
share it for any reason. You will only get text messages from Alsat through the GOCare

Alsat does not charge for GOCare. Customers’ mobile service provider may charge the
mobile user to send / receive text messages depending on the terms of their mobile

Alsat customers agree to accept text messages per the Alsat’s Account Terms and
Conditions. Customers can opt-out at any time by texting STOP to 90622.

There are several reasons Alsat has adopted GOCare:

  • Customers have shown an overwhelming preference to communicate via texting.
  • Alsat competes for customers EVERY day. Anything that helps differentiate us helps bring in new customers and keep the ones we have.
  • Alsat takes many calls each month from our customers. Simple inquiries on – balance, payment due date & posting – are not (really) necessary. Alsat can spend more time with customers with more       complex issues that do require a call.
  • GOCare can also deliver a payment confirmation as a written record and late payment reminders to customers quickly and conveniently.

You can text ALSAT to 90622 and follow the prompts or call Alsat and a CSR can
authenticate who you are and send an invitation to your mobile phone to Opt-In. If you
receive an invitation from the CSR, you will simply reply ACCEPT to that invitation to

No. GOCare recognizes upper and lower-case letters as the same.

Customers must be opted-in to the GOCare system again if they get a new mobile phone
number – not if they get a new phone with the same number. Please ensure you update
your Alsat account with your new mobile contact number (and delete the old mobile

To Opt-Out, simply text STOP to 90622 and follow the prompts. Reasonable efforts
should be made to accommodate a customer that calls or emails the Alsat with a request to opt-

Virtually ALL domestic wireless carriers support the GOCare service offering. For the most current list of those carriers, please see Alsat Terms and Conditions.

Terms & Conditions